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Full Range 4 x 10"+ 8 x 5"+ 1 x 3/4"

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Delay system
Compact pa system
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Piano Bar
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The KS AUDIO CPD 18 complements the CPD series of Self-powered systems with their cylindrical wave radiating and 3 ½ active ways. It stands for broadband smooth and clean reproduction down to the very low frequency in compact dimensions and offers beam steering at a new level!.

The DSP controller works with FIR filter technique for high fidelity playback. Seven integrated amplifier provide 1000W for the 10" woofers, 500W for the 5" midranges and 100W for the 1-3/4 " diaphragm high frequency driver - the total peak power is greater than 3 kW! The 4 10” woofers are housed on the side of the housing. Thus, the CPD 18 can keep a slim silhouette like a regular column line speaker and can be easily positioned. Acoustically, the narrow baffle with no hard edges on the midrange has a particularly advantage.

The unique features are the construction of the sound management in the wave shaper hi-frequency horn and its electronic control to the eight midranges. The result is a vertical uniformly narrow dispersion angle, wherein the vertical curvature of the wavefront. With the newly developed VALtec beam steering horn and its variable inclination, all listeners can receive the same direct sound from the speaker and the unwanted sound energy in the space can be minimized.

The power electronics includes a wide range switching power supply with power factor correction, six "cold" PWM amplifiers for the low and mid-range drivers, and an analog FET output stage amplifier for the best audio characteristics to the high frequency. The eight 5 "midrange drivers have powerful lightweight neodymium magnet and additionally equipped with a passive filter circuit. The 1-3/4" Ring diaphragm tweeter driver is made of Mylar which has significantly less distortion in comparison with metal membranes. With CPD 18 KS offers the discerning professional users a true full-range active speaker with maximum audio quality in a compact format. There is hard to define a scope for the CPD 18 to be used. It is good for Theater sound reinforcement, live music stage, studio monitoring, voice PA in large rooms or as a compact mid-high sound system in conjunction with CPD sub-woofers.

The housing design is like all KS current models that made of birch multiplex with an extremely robust charcoal colored polyurethane coating. If desired, the surface can be coated in any color scheme by request. Another special feature is the swivel tilt mount available as optional accessories. It allows installation with ease in various positions. Pole mount, steel grille with or without acoustic foam are further features of this high quality product.

On the speaker back operates a built-in 7-way DSP Controller Amplifier with very high efficiency which do not require an disturbing cooling fan. The FIR crossover and filter stages are precisely matched to the speakers and calibrated individually. Limiter is set to ensure safe operation. The electronically balanced analog input is a XLR F + M sockets. When connecting digital audio to the digital audio input (AES / EBU standard), automatic switchover takes place to pure digital operation at SRC to 192kHz.

A digital level control and a digital delay for up to 48m are equipped for the ease of use in any application such as distribution PA system. Furthermore, a Lo-Cut switch is available for speech reproduction or for use with additional subwoofer. Remote control of parameter or setting of the speaker over Ethernet is possible with the KS REMOTE software by a PC.

The power supply of the CPD 18 can operate from 110-240V. The inrush current is limited electronically. The PowerCon F + M connectors with looping are allowed for connection of subwoofer’s PowerCon.





Specifications CPD 18
frequency response + / -3dB 38-20000Hz
output SPL 127dBcont 133dBpeak
dispersion angle (horizontal x vertical in degrees) 90° / 0°-30°, +-15°steering
integrated amplifier / system controller type 6x Class-D, FET-Amp, 7-way DSP processing, FIRtec
drivers 4x 10”, 8x 5”, 1x 3/4”
power in Wrms (AES standard) 1000+500+100Wrms, 3kW peak
crossover frequency 150Hz, 1800Hz phase linear
input connectors XLR3 / XLR3 AES-EBU
    PowerCon input (110/240VAC), ethernet
output connectors XLR3-thru, PowerCon outlet, ethernet (switch)
cabinet birch plywood
grill stainless steel honeycomb 6 sided + acoustic foam
finish charcoal black polyurethane
dimensions (height x width x depth) 1380/208/456 mm 
weight (without options) 51 kg
features VALtec, integrated digital delay with display,
35mm pole mount
options Mounting frame, heavy duty padded black cover





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